Bulk SMS MT (Mobile Terminated) is the core product of BondSMS messaging. BondSMS offers end-to-end Bulk SMS solutions to its customers with the capability to send SMS messages all over the world.

BondSMS acts as an intermediary between the clients and the mobile operator world, helping them to avoid the complexities that arise when working with Bulk SMS mobile messaging services. As a Bulk SMS messaging provider, BondSMS is able to deliver the messages that the client sends via our system to any operator network worldwide, in a reliable, fast and cost efficient way.

When it comes to messaging, BondSMS knows that details matter. Whether it has to do with the cost, the delivery speed, the message throughput or the delivery success, BondSMS ensures the client has full understanding of the various important characteristics of the Bulk SMS service bought.

BondSMS offers two types of connections to its system enabling a wide range of companies and individuals to use its SMS gateway.

The client can connect to BondSMS platform easily either by SMPP or by an easy HTTP interface (API) which are well tested, user friendly and easy to handle

  • SMPP: The Short Message Peer-to-Peer Protocol (SMPP) is an open, light weighted, efficient and high performance protocol for sending SMS messages. Connecting with SMPP allows a faster and higher volume of SMS messages to be sent. Our SMPP connectivity is ideal if the client needs to send out high volume messages each month at lightning speed. With an SMPP gateway the client is connected to our gateway continuously and the standard protocol requires no programming if the client has SMPP software installed
  • HTTP API: The client can integrate bulk SMS messaging services into his applications, websites, and software and back-office custom application with our HTTP SMS API. It’s quick and easy to integrate. BondSMS provides all users with free access to HTTP API. The client can connect to BondSMS bulk SMS gateway using our HTTP API which allows application developers to send text messages to all global mobile networks