Terms and Conditions

These Terms contain the agreement between BondSMS and you including the Usage Rules and the Privacy Policy.

Usage Rules

As a part if your agreement with Bond SMS, you should follow the following rules upon using our products and services.

1. Liability and Compliance with Regulations
Bond SMS is not liable directly or indirectly for any content transmitted by you over its network where the full responsibility for content shall rest on you. You must abide by all the regulations and rules set by all the people and entities to whom you are sending your messages or with whom you are communicating using our services.
You should not use Sender IDs that are not authorized or which may cause any harm to any operator, OTT, or other corporation.
You shall be responsible for answering and defending any complaints that we receive from any regulatory body resulting from your use of any of our services. You will be liable for any fines or penalties imposed by any regulatory body on you or us or any of our associated companies, due to your contravention of these Terms including the contravention of any applicable legislation. By registering to our services, you agree to keep Bond SMS and its affiliates and partners including its employees not responsible directly or indirectly of all damages, penalties or legal costs claimed by any party as a result of any action by you that constitutes a breach of these terms or any other regulations set by affected parties. These include applicable legislation, regulations, industry code of conduct or mobile network code of practice or acceptable usage policy.

2. Messages Content
We do not modify the content of electronic communications sent or received through our systems or the selection of the addresses of the recipients. However, where a service requires opt-out wording in an electronic communication, we may insert such wording without any other modification to content and without incurring any liability.

3. Use of Service
You may only use our services under our terms and conditions set in this page and throughout the whole site’s instructions. You should always abide by the rules set by regulators and under the authority of all persons to whom you direct communications through our service. Once you register to our service, you declare that you are only using it for the purpose it is designed for and without causing any harm to any recipient or other third party. You are only using our service to communicate with people and organizations under the laws set by operators, OTTs, and enterprise companies. You are at no time causing any harm to any other entity and you hold the sole responsibility for any claim we get in this regard.
You should only send messages to recipients who might be interested in getting your messages and who will not be affected in anyway by the content you send (whether commercial, advertisement, or any other type of communication). The recipients of your messages should have the right to opt-out at any time from receiving your messages. You should include contact details and identifying particulars in your electronic communications sent via our systems to ensure that recipients can identify you as the sender and that complaints are directed to you and not to BondSMS or a mobile network.

Prohibited Use

When you use our services, you must not at any time mislead the recipients of the messages and misrepresent yourself or hide your identity. You must not at any time use someone else identity, phone number, or personal details. You must not transmit anything which is unacceptable by recipients and may cause harm or fear. You must not violate or infringe anybody's intellectual property rights or use our intellectual property without our consent. You must not violate relevant guidelines or best practices of any relevant regulatory body or mobile network, or any other industry standards. You are not allowed to reproduce, replicate, copy, sell or re-sell any of our services or the information or data contained in our services. If you violate these Rules of Use, we may immediately and without notice suspend or terminate your account and you will hold the whole responsibility. By using our services you also agree to be bound by the Rules of Use.